Confused by all the LLC & INC file options and prices out there? Here's a quick comparison chart...

Starting your new business is tough enough - filing and organizing your business with the state should be easy.

There are a lot of services available to help with organizing your business with the state, drafting critical business documents, and keeping you compliant in the future.

This comparison page is by no means comprehensive, but it’s here to help you make a decision. We’ve singled out the key features most filers choose, so you can get a real world comparison of total cost.

Some costs are difficult to compare from certain providers because they are “blended” in to packages with other features that are of limited value.

To be completely transparent, and to normalize the comparison, we include the price of Registered Agent for all services – even though some may offer promotional rates or even free service for a limited time.

Lastly, when you’re comparison shopping make sure to take into account processing time and how it fits with your needs.

Most services offer expedited handling on their end, for a fee, as well as the option to pay for expediting the Secretary of State processing time – which is dictated by the state.

State Priority Handling OptionYESYESYESYESYESYES
Processing Fee$129$149$69*$99.95$99$79
EIN Filing$49$79$70$60$79$80
Operating Agreement, Minutes & Bylaws$29$99$60*$40*$39$99
Corporate Kit, Certificates, & Seal$89$70$99$99$99$99
Registered Agent Service$129/yr$159/yr$149/yr$149.95/yr$149/yr$235/yr
Shipping & Handling$0$9.95$25$0$0$0

*Comparison disclaimers: Not all service providers structure pricing in the same way, nor are all the services provided standardized. We have made our best attempt to normalize the pricing information available so that you can view a real, apples-to-apples comparison. The prices and services in this table are for informational purposes only, are not guaranteed to be up to date, and no warranties are given or implied.

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Important Feature Definitions

Lifetime support means that after you’ve placed an order with our service, you can reach out anytime regarding that order.

This includes retrieving digital document copies, if needed.

Similarly, if you choose as your registered agent phone and email support are available for all of those relevant services.

All states charge a fee to file Articles of Organization. The fees vary from state to state, and even for the type of entity you’re forming.

All of the services in the table pass that state filing fee on to you, and it will be itemized as such during the application and checkout process.

These fees are not avoidable, and generally not refundable.

Most services online will offer “faster” or “expedited” handling, but that generally applies to handling by the service provider.

The other piece of the puzzle is the Secretary of State, which also charges additional fees for expedited processing. The fees vary from state to state, and often have different tiers such as “same day”, “24 hour”, “1 hour”, and etc.

All of the service providers in the table offer priority processing/handling with the Secretary of State.

This is the fee charged by the service provider, and is in addition to any state fees.

You can see there’s a broad range of processing fees, and there are some providers that advertise a “free” or “$0” filing fee.

As you will find, when adding in all of the other necessities related to forming a new business entity, the all-in or “fully loaded” cost is pretty similar across the board.

Many of the services offering bargains on processing fees use inflated add-on prices for key products, like Operating Agreements, to make up the difference. Often times you’ll see hefty shipping charges as well.

Most businesses need an Employer Identification Number (EIN) and so formation service providers offer that as an add-on option during the application process. Learn more about EIN and why you need it here.

You can also get it for free by going to the IRS directly.

The application can be confusing, and many entrepreneurs choose to have a professional service file on their behalf.

This is an important document for new business entities. It outlines critical business policies, management responsibilities, and accounts for investments and equity.

Some services provide a combined package that includes everything, like, others separate it into multiple documents and charge fees for each individually.

Registered agent services are required by all states for new entity formations. You can act as your own, but there are a lot of reasons why you wouldn’t want – learn more about it here.

Some of the services in the table offer free trials of registered agent service with new formations. Like any promotion, they are time-sensitive and difficult to track so we don’t include them in this comparison. After the promotional period, if there is one, you will pay an annual fee moving forward as detailed above.

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This is a complimentary free name search, we’ll respond via email with any findings. This doesn’t initiate or replace a corporate filing order. 

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