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Incorporation filing & setup costs are usually tax deductible.

State fees for each item below vary and are in addition to the fees listed. All state fees will be itemized prior to checkout.

All New Formations Include

  • Company Name Verification
  • Quality Assurance Check
  • Prepared Articles of Organization
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Secretary of State Document Filing
  • Email Order Tracking
  • Digital Document Copies
  • Phone & Email Support

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Launch your new business today for just $129 + state fees.

New Business Formation Add-ons

Manage & Maintain An Existing Business

Common Order & Pricing Questions

State filing fees vary from state-to-state, and also by entity type (i.e. LLC, INC, DBA and etc).

Additionally, the state may charge fees for faster processing, and various other forms that may be required. These fees are independent of and in addition to the filing fees listed on this page.

The state filing fees will be itemized during the secure application process on, so you will see exactly how much the state charges. 

State corporate filing fees are set by each state independently, usually by congressional statute, are not avoidable, and usually not refundable.

Standard orders are reviewed within 24 business hours, a quality assurance check is performed, and if all is good the documents are forwarded on to the appropriate state authority. Most states review orders within 3-5 business days.

Priority processing moves your order to the top of the list, making sure it gets reviewed the same business day (or next business day if you file after business hours).

Each state handles priority processing differently, but usually they will review priority orders within 24 hours as well, and expedite handling for document return.

Contact customer support immediately at: [email protected] OR 1-888-54-EZINC (543-9462)

If your order is still being processed by, and has not been sent to the state for filing, it’s still possible to make changes.

If your order has already been sent to the state for processing, it’s likely you will need to file an amendment to your formation with the state. 

Absolutely. You can visit the IRS website and file for your Employer Identification Number directly.

There are some nuances in filling out the forms, so if you just want a professional service to handle it we offer that option to you. Learn more about what an EIN is and why it’s important.

Free Business Name Search

This is a complimentary free name search, we’ll respond via email with any findings. This doesn’t initiate or replace a corporate filing order. 

15 minutes is all it takes, are you ready?

Launch your new business today for just $129 + state fees.